Thesis topic

After days of brainstorming and reading journals, finally i decided on my thesis topic. It will be…

Implementation of Artificial Neural Network Classification.

For what and on what kind of data I will implement this method, I frankly have no idea. I think of using either telecommunication data from Rana or bank data from Souza. But the one I pursue is how to apply this beautiful thing in real life.

Actually, my biggest problem is my skill of coding. Though I DO code almost everyday for 2 years, for the last 8 months, I haven’t touch any code and that makes me code-numb. I hope I can use some tools to help me in this area, or if I really have to code, I hope it will not be that bad. I mean a few lines, is cool, but if I have to make the whole big program, I don’t think I will able to do that. Now, i really avoid any codework.

Maybe I’ll ask Mr. Anto. He’s the expert in the field I’m taking now. He’s a nice lecturer, also.

Just wish me any luck!!