If you resizing partitions, the GRUB will gone

That was the main problem why my laptop couldn’t be rebooted. I already have windows XP installed, and then I installed Ubuntu 8.04.

After happy with Ubuntu, I created another partition in order to store my data, logical one of course. This when that shit happened. I rebooted my laptop and it suddenly failed to load GRUB. I had no idea what happened and I finally just change my harddisk. I installed again with windows and it also failed to be installed.

What was the problem?
Resizing the partition will erased the GRUB and damage filesystem. SHIT NO!!

This is my conclusion and any lesson you guys can take from my lousy story, Windows is so selfish, thinks that it the one and only operating system in the world making it doesn’t want to acknowledge any other OS.


2 thoughts on “If you resizing partitions, the GRUB will gone

  1. ya terus akhirnya terpaksa hrs dibawa ke service center. selama blm dibenerin gw sih pke ubuntu aja dulu.

    klo ubuntu8.04 uda kenal ntfs. tp pas installation tetep dibuat linux partition ama ubuntunya. tp ini installnya gampang kok. tinggal next2 doang. udah manusiawi lah pokoknya, ga perlu ngomong ama konsole lg kek jaman dulu.

    oia, enaknya pke ubuntu 8.04 krn dia bs kenal ntfs, jdnya dr ubuntu bs baca disk windows. jd logical ama primary lo yg isinya data2 windows sgala macemkebaca jg ama dia layaknya lo nyolokin flashdisk.

    enak deh pokoknya.

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