Research methodology assignment: The difference between Creative Commons License and GNU General Public License

For the fourth assignment, Mr Anto asked us to describe the difference between creative commons license and GPL. At first, I didn’t see any difference, but when I read the FAQ part, it is clearly explained that there’s difference between them.

I apologize for any sentence indicate as closed plagiarism. I’m still learning to paraphrase and summarize.

Here’s my summary.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License is based on copyright. It means that all works that confined by copyright laws, for instance books, films, songs, and pictures, are applied to this license. Creative Commons License gives permission to copy, adapt or make derivative, distribute, or make money from the works. Creative Commons License is non-exclusive which allows the general public to use the work under Creative Commons License and subsequently enter into completely distinct license, for instance, to make money from it.

However, it is not suggested to apply Creative Commons License for software, though copyright laws also protect software, since Creative Commons License does not provide indication of source and object code.

There are six types of Creative Commons License available:

1. Attribution Non-commercial No derivatives (by-nc-nd)

2. Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa)

3. Attribution Non-commercial (by-nc)

4. Attribution No derivatives (by-nd)

5. Attribution Share Alike (by-sa)

6. Attribution (by)

GNU General Public License

GNU General Public License or GPL is a free software license intended to assure any change or modification of software is permitted and can be freely distributed. The license is applied also for the software source or object code.

Modified software is not required to be released to the public and can be use as private, but if there is any intention to publish the modified software, GPL requires that the source and object code must also be published under GPL. Therefore, the license can prevent the chance of having competition with owner of the modified version.

For the references, I got several from the FAQ part.


1. Frequently Asked Question.

2. Frequently Asked Question about the GNU Licenses.

3. GNU General Public License.

4. Creative Commons Licenses.


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